Vol. 6 No. 2-2 (2019): Special Issue On Contemporary Fiqh Issues And Muslim Society In Malaysia

Chief Editor : Aminudin Hehsan Editorial Boards: Nasrul Hisyam Nor Muhammad, Farahwahida Mohd Yusoff, Arieff Salleh Rosman, Nasir Ripin, Zilal Saari, Zulkiflee Haron, Mohd Al'ikhsan Ghazali, Juhazren Junaidi, Shahrel Ahmad Shuhel Ahmad, Nurul Husna Mohammad Sairi, Siti Nur Attiya Shamsul Azhar, Aisyah Munirah Shahrin, Usamah Hishamuddin, Syakirah Zahar.


The world is now facing a heap of issues and challenges, especially in the rapidly evolving science and technology. Every contemporary issue that emerges requires the assessment and point of view from a religious and cultural perspective.  Islam as a way of life with its characteristics are universal (Al-‘Alamiyyah) and complete (Syumuliyyah) is always ready to address every issue that arises nowadays.


In this UMRAN’s special issue, discourses of such issues related to Islam and social culture in the context of Muslim society in Malaysia are discussed by the authors from various expertise. There are two important fields devoted to this issue:

  1. Zakat and Waqf Management in Islamic perspective.
  2. The contemporary fiqh issues related to many fields including science and technology, forensic, nutrition, medical, health, and Islamic law
Published: 2019-10-07