Vol. 5 No. 2-1 (2018): Islam on the Thought and Social Life in Modern Era

Chief Editor : Mifedwil Jandra (LPPM UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta) Editorial Boards: Sonny Zulhuda (Intenational Islamic University Malaysia), Asasriwarni (Islamic State University Imam Bonjol Padang Indonesia), Aunurrachim (University Sains Islam Malaysia), Abdurrahman, Al-Haqqy. (Sultan Sharif Aly University Brunai Darussalam)


Islam is a divinely-revealed religion, and it is revelation (wahy) from Allah to whole mankind, through the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam is a comprehensive religion. It's not just a religion, rather it is a comprehensive lifestyle that covers various aspects of human life e.g: laws, education, culture, history, and Islamic law (syariah).

In this UMRAN’s special issue, discourses of such issues related to Islam and social culture in the context of Indonesia and diasporic Muslim society in China are discussed by the authors from various expertise. There are two important fields devoted to this issue:

  1. Islamic thought related to: law, Quran’s translation (tafseer), history, religious education, and Islamic law (syariah).
  2. The problem of social life and education: behavioural changes, human trafficking, the development of mosque and teacher of religious education.
Published: 2018-10-30