Vol 4, No 3 (2017): Nov 2017

Peer reviewed articles on Islamic and civilizational studies: November Issue 2017

Vol 4, No 2 (2017): July 2017

Peer reviewed articles on Islamic and civilizational studies:

July Issue 2017

Vol 4, No 1-1 (2017): Special Issue on Islamic Education in Indonesia and Nusantara



This special issue provides an overview of how the face of Islamic education in Indonesia viewed from various perspectives, ranging from institutional perspective, regulations, management, values and norms in Indonesia. This journal has 4 main focuses. First focus is an educational study seen from management perspective.  The second focus is the researches with a focus study on Islamic values in education.  The focus of the third study is the method of education and  the fourth focus is a study on the evolution of education.


Vol 3, No 3-1 (2016): Special Issue on Nusantara

Chief Editor: Mifedwil Jandra (UIN Yogyakarta).

Editorial Boards: Shofyullah MZ (UIN Yogyakarta), Okizal Eka Putra(UIN Yogyakarta), Munir Mulkan(UIN Yogyakarta),  Anhar Ansyory(UAD), Nurcholis (UM Cirebon), Khairul Wahidin (UM Cirebon), Sonny Zulhuda (IIUM), Aunur Rohim (USIM).


This compilation of articles consists of various articles on Nusantara. It includes topic of religion, culture, psychology and tradition.

The study on culture reveals on the conjunction between culture and religion, particularly on how these culture and religion have exchanged and created a tradition in the Muslim community in Johor and Java. In the politics and democracy as well, explicated on how the religion and politics has struggled to set its opposition in the Indonesia after Reformation Era (1998).

Some articles also engaged on the pedagogics values.  A discourse on the al-masyi’ah has been the focus of the articles. It mentioned that Masyiatullah is the origin of the raise of education and social inheritance. The Warisan (inheritance) of the Al-Masyiah theological Islamic education is the essence of the education in Islam. On the study of women, article elaborates on the morality and hardship endured by women and children at civil work. The formal as well as non-formal preparation for women to handle such hard multitasking jobs is elaborated.

Inclusion of science in the school to improve quality of the teaching, integration of traditional culinary and the food and nutrition sciences as has been observed in traditional food of Cirebon such as Sega JamblangEmpal GentongSega LengkoTahu Gejrot, and Kerupuk Melarat.

On the other hand the traditional Islamic boarding school system are also elaborated and discussed. The glass painting as traditional art also depicted how the cultural tradition of China, Islam and Hindu mingled and blended. Rastika is one the pioneering glass painting work artist in Cirebon region whose artwork shows various painting objects including calligraphy.

We do hope that, this special issue of the studies on Nusantara Cultures and values will benefited the academia and society as whole. Special thanks to UMRAN editor to make this compilation published. 


Vol 1, No 1 (2014): November 2014

First Issue - November 2014

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